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Hello you all.

I am very sorry to admit this, but PearledDragon, my newphew that has went under the name of PearledDragon has unfortunately had to go to a hospital due to her serious mental condition due to her disability. She may come back, but only to finish her story since she had looked forward to all of the attention she had gained from them.

She also asked me to say something toward you both, PrimalApex and SunnyFox57. This is it.

Guys, thank you so much for being there for me. I was always a hermit in my own dye but like, i really loved having you two as my favourite fans, and i loved both of your stories. Keep going for me, alright?

That’s what she said before having to go to the hospital. She has been found with severe depression so they are keeping her under monitor so she does not.. you know. This may be the final sign off of PearledDragon from her auntie. So, whoever you all were watching her stories, thank you. You made her life easier to live for when she came on here.

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