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Exoplanet 2

Chapter 13

Written by PD

“A homosapien, on the metal flooring of my chamber?”

That’s the voice that echoed through the walls. Looking around, I couldn’t see any sort of movement to hint at what communicated with me.

“Who are you?!” I exclaimed loudly, pointing my spear threateningly.

“Godlike in comparison to you, hairless ape.” The voice replied, obviously not bothered with my futile insult.

I searched around. Nothing except for the midnight black walls and pillars of the place I had approached to. The sky blue veins of the machine to pulse an emanating glow. A movement echoed through the room.

“Who’s there?!” I shouted back.

“You all are rather.. unevolved compared to your ancestors.” The voice echoed back, a hint of venom at the word ‘ancestors’. “Keep going with your vile words and questions that don’t need to be answered.”

I looked around again. Until I realized I was surrounded. The veins were pulsing with a blue glow, oblivious to the fact that a weird voice communicated with me through the walls.

A scuttling sound could be heard. I turned instantly, to find a massive centipede looking form, staring right back at me. Though it wasn’t natural ; metal covered it with wires as if its insides. One massive lifeform, if you could call it that.

“Do you have your answer now, little ape?” The voice echoed from the centipede as it circled around the pillars, surrounding me. It cut off my escape.

Pointing my spear at the thing, I shouted,

“Do not try me, you.. mechanical beast! Name yourself and don’t try me!”

“My name? I haven’t heard that needing to be addressed in a while.. my name is Two Melancholy Skies. I am the systems that keep me running. I am a god compared to your primitive species.” Two Melancholy Skies added cockily.

“Heavy ego of yourself there, Two Melancholy Skies.” I replied, scowling.

“And why are you here?” Two Melancholy Skies asked.

“To leave.”

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