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Exoplanet 2

Chapter 9

Written by PD

As i plunge into the coldness of the blue and green abyss, i find that, really, it isn’t that bad. Faraway shadows dance at the top of the water, fish elegantly swim through the ocean as if it was a dance floor, and they were the dancers.

As i call for my trusty steed, in which i called it Meg.

A robust shark. Yes yes, i know. Though, it does not look near the same as the Megalodon from the normal ARKs. It has much more of a flat underside, with black tips on the end of its fin. It is just barely smaller than the normal Megalodon, but it is still rideable.

As I start to delve into the depths,I can’t help but wonder. How did that green glow even get there? I slowly descend.

Nothing. Maybe a few sharks here and there, but nothing.

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