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Hello? Is this thing working?

(Uh ... what?)

Yes! I've done it! Now I'M future CL1 heheh. So, me from a somewhat distant past, how's it hanging?

(What is this? Who are you?)

What, are you deaf? I literally just said I'm you from the future.


Listen, I don't have time for this. Now where was I .... ah yes.

Honestly, I had so much fun with Blood War, I've thought about another collab too, but I figured you wanted to stop procrasting and finish ALH or Black Ghost, so I just didn't say anything.

(What does ALH stand for?)

"A Lone Howl," now pay attention. Anyway, if you're onboard with another collab, I definently am, but you've got to give me time to help think of more plots lol. I think it should still be seperate from ALH characters so it doesn't accidentally interfere with the plot of your story.

(What is A Lone Howl?)

Hhhh it's a story/universe President Loki made, keep up. Now, is there some other major mythos in your wolf society? I know monsters are big lol, so maybe a different kind, not like a raging dead one like Bone and Blavk Ghost?

If you say yes to the collab, can I make up a monster wolf? :O

Also ... why did you shoot Journey?


Psst. Past me, this is when you say something.

(Look man, I don't even know what's happening right now.)

~Classic Lok1 is going to have to get used to this whole "future" thing.

(Who's Classic Lok1?)

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