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The terrible demise of tortuga.

Prologue 1.

Jack lay in his bunk bed tossing and turning trying to sleep but he couldn’t. Finally he rolled to the edge of the bed and stuck his head down to his twin brother Jay who lay “sleeping”in the bottom bunk bed. “Jay? You awake?” Jack whispered. Jay lay still for a second then turned to face Jack. “How could I sleep with you tossing up there.” Jay said. Jack smirked at him. “Fine, whenever we move into our new house you can have the top bunk as long as you let me come up there sometimes.” Jack said. They crept out of their beds and snuck past their sleeping mother, older sister, and younger brother and sister. They climbed up the ladder to the deck of the boat. There steering the ship was their father Aragorn. Aragorn had shoulder length jet black hair and dark chocolatey brown eyes. His skin was tanned from standing in the sun. He wore black clothes regardless of the heat of the sun. As soon as they came up from the trapdoor he spotted them. “Hi dad.” They said in unison. “Hello boys.” Aragorn said. “Is that the island were going to?” Jay asked pointing to a Island a few miles away. Aragorn nodded. “Yep, that is.”

On the dock of the island was a woman with a black uniform, a gun over her shoulder, and a dagger hanging from her belt. She had long blonde hair that was hanging in a braid down her back and stern green eyes. She held in her hand a walkie-talkie which she was talking into. She was one of the few guards of the city or “peacemakers” as they where called. A short distance away was a man with a black uniform, and a hood that was over his head. On his belt hung a large axe and a long sniper gun strapped to his back. He had black hair and cold,calculating brown eyes. He was the executioner of the town. “I see their ship.” The woman said. “Good, I’ll radio to the mayor.” The executioner said, fingering his axe. He walked over to the telephone and dialed the mayor’s number. (Hey it’s the old days, they used telephones.)“Hello.” The voice on the other side said. “It’s me one of the future mayors.” Said the voice. It was one of the mayors sons. “I’m trying to talk to the CURRENT mayors NOT the FUTURE mayors. The executioner said. “Oh.” Said the mayors son. “DAD! MOM! THE EXECUTIONER IS CALLING!” He shouted at the top of his lungs. The executioner clapped his hands on his ears. A few seconds passed then the mayors answered. The mayors were called Mayor Roi(king in French ) and Mayor Reine(queen in French ). They had three triplet sons and three triplet daughters. “Hello?” Said Mayor Roi. “The new family is almost here.” Said the executioner. “Good, we’ll be there to…welcome them.” Said Mayor Reine.

That was the intro for the story. Hope y’all enjoyed. The story will also be in the all filter in abc order starting here in achatina. Also this story is a collab between me and my friend MrGhost Gamer. ✌️


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