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It's me, our elegant spood, velvet floof of arachnid poof, Poecilotheria metallica, here to acknowledge some things:

Charades/troll/whoever is a pained, parasitic excuse for an undead clotpole. I cannot word the many minor inconviences I'd wish on them given the power.

Bob, Bob, who I thought was a one of us:

Ok... Ok... I've listened to enough toccata & fugue in D minor and Souls like boss music to give you a slightly calm response:

Shut it.

Get off your high steed, extricate your cranium from your posterior excretorial vent, put down the thesaurus, wipe off Count Dooku's signature look of superiority.

Any other way to say "stop acting like a superior clot" just stop gatekeeping like an absolute bloody molehill. Maybe you think you're so deeply better, but the only reason this community died is YOU deserted it to discord, YOU and your hopefully-less-pernicious colleague DTG (send my regards.)


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