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I don’t think any dyes are available, so ima write here for now.

Never alone


I stifled back a scream of horror as I watched the last survivor I knew ripped into shreds. I ran, ran despite the soreness filling my muscles, ran despite the screams, ran despite the burning in my lungs. I had to run. I had to escape this monster. I crashed into one of the extremely strong TEK doors. “No no no no…” I had been a fool. The base locked down the first day the creature intruded our base. I looked around frantically, for something, anything, that would help. I locked my eyes on a walkie talkie. The screams had stopped a long time ago. The loud, hungry panting was new. “Anyone, help. I’m locked in base 17 with a monster I need backup! I REPEAT I NEED-!” I felt cold claws wrap around my shoulder. I screamed into the device as the claws ripped into my side. The world started to fade away as I lost blood. That was when I saw it’s face. It whispered into my ear before I lost the world forever. “You knew you never could have beat me, Amelia.” I gasped in horror. It wasn’t a monster. It was HIM. A single tear burned down my cheek before everything faded to black. I snapped my eyes open. I wouldn’t let this happen. I tried to tear from the bonds that were holding me back, resisting death. It snapped. I breathed in, but couldn’t feel the cold air of the base. I looked down. I gasped and covered my mouth. I nearly vomited. But I couldn’t. I was a specter. A ghost. I watched my body being torn apart by what was once my best friend. I slowly turned around and cried harder than I had in my entire life. And harder than I would in my undead state.

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