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I’ve been called so many names

I’ve played to many games

I’m trying to get to a stop,

But you all make me want to drop,

My stomach keeps on churning

My tears feel like their burning

I’m not sure I’ll make it through

So there’s something I want to ask you….

Will you stop by some flowers and look,

Whether they’re at a river or a crook,

And say “God dämn Charades,

“Did I know they’re life was being pierced by blades?”

Can I trust you to carry out a favor

I can’t imagine you’ll remember this forever

But I ask that you can remember one thing

I’m sorry I’ve lied, I’m sorry I’ve cried, because now I know…

You all want to see me suffer as I’m dying.

Because to you all I’m just a pathetic little thing


Just a final thing.

And my real name?



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