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Alright… this is the single WORST SH*T I have EVER SEEN!!! It’s just down right disgusting, to see a person impersonating a dead eleven year old, in an attempt to anger some people they think suck! How fu**ing heartless can someone be? I just don’t understand what you’d accomplish from your joke, Troll! Holy mother of fu**ing god, your psychotic! No, seriously, how fu*king broken is your mind? Did you even think before putting those pots out there? Your just so fu*king goddam emotionless! I don't understand your stupidity! For the love of god, it takes a special kind of psycho to make me call the name of god. I don’t even believe in god, and yet you’re level of hollowness, just, WHY!?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!?

-an ENRAGED Survivor

seriously, you French fu*king psychotic, heartless bastard! What lead you to strive so low, to use the state were all in, by impersonating Tina, saying she sucks, and strait up disrespecting her and her family? I don’t understand how someone can do something like that! You literally used an eleven year olds impact on this community, to try and break us, yet you failed! Imagine being SO FU*KING MEANINGLESS and simply pathetic, to fail with the goal you had in mind! And there’s a reason you failed! Because, we are already broken, at least I am, and your attempt was just insulting! You just most likely brought us closer together, well, you got me to unleash most of my thoughts. Congratulations! You at least have something your good at! Being a punching bag for my emotions!

Other than that though… I have nothing more to say. I’ll either be back when this psycho has learned a lesson, or when I’m saying my farewells because I’m either leaving Dododex, or taking suicide, depends on mu mental state!

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