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I woke up and was in a vast desert. I looked right and left to see a terror bird. I ran from the terror bird and it hit me in a trench. I died multiple times and eventually I made a base I tamed a morellatops and a thorny dragon and went out on a taming spree. I tamed a Rex after a long time and a lymatria but the Rex died. I tamed another rex later and a female too so I started trying to make a army with taming and breeding. After a while I had a small army of rexes about 5 and I tamed 3 rock golems and fought a death worm. I tamed more golems (about 10) and I brought them in the wyvern trench. Most died 3 survived and we got every egg in the trench (4). I made sure to leave some females for the wyvern milk. I raided the ice queen and killed her but it took a long time.I raised the wyverns and got a good level and got more rexes and fought the gamma manticore. I barely won with 3 rexes surviving and my fire wyvern. Basically I got more wyverns and more rexes and a few more golems. I killed more deathworms and killed a alpha death worm and caves and got more tames and stuff and fought the beta manticore. We won and most rexes survived. More rexes more wyverns and decided to bring wyverns only to alpha manticore. They all died. Good news is I had a backup wyvern. I got my stuff back and raised really strong rexes and fought the alpha again. I won this time. I invited a friend to my server. I have them a day to try to beat me. They raided my base. They walked close to the gate and planted C4 they destroyed the gate and were swarmed by rexes. The first wave of rexes died (5) and I sent in the wyverns. He stood no chance against the wyverns. He brought in a giga from another map and I sent all my rexes and all my wyverns and all my golems. The giga died in about 40 seconds. I ascended to abberation

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