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It has been a long time since I last spoke here and that is because I have spent more time… Beating ark! Here is a story of my ISLAND adventure -lava

I woke up and got straight to work leveling like killing and placing builds and crafting a lot. I started taking early game creatures like raptors and started breeding them for good stats (idk what j would use the raptors for, hint hint) after a I tamed a stego and a Pterodactyl. Once I tamed it I went for an argy to tame (wasn’t high enough level for a saddle) I flew back and gathered lots of berries with the stego. I Tamed an anky made a bigger base. I went to bed and then got back in to see a alpha raptor run into my base (the raptors I had were leveled imprinted and mutated so it wasn’t much of a problem) but it game me good loot. I tamed dire wolves and a mammoth ( I never used the mammoth) and a breeding pair of rexes and spinos a yuty a daedon megatheriums and theris (I am not gonna talk about the breeding process cause it took a long time to mutate and imprint an army) I did caves and killed animals that drop the stuff for bosses. And then it was time to take out the gamma megapithecus. I used spinos and I had never fought bosses before so a spino fell in the hole and I kited the megapithecus to the spino army. It died and I got good loot I leveled a bit and fought the dragon and broodmother both gamma megatheriums for broodmother and theris for dragon. After a while of fighting bosses ( took a very long time btw) I was able to finally get to the tek cave. I had 18 rexes 2 daedon,a yuty and the rest were spinos. I cleared out the tek cave with the spinos and then the rexes a yuty and a daedon to the overseer. It was a long grueling frustrating boss fight, but eventually I won. I Then ascended with a breeding pair of yuties and a breeding pair of my bets (living) rexes.-lava

And now here is a story from ark mobile that I did with a friend. I was riding on my argy and he was riding on his argy rows were soaring through the snow when a giga saw us ( I was a noob back then and my friend was worse) I decided to try to outrun it and it killed my argy. I landed on the back of a titanosaur taking a bit of fall damage and the giga kept chasing. The giga was about to eat me when a grappling crossbow shot my friends argy and grapplers the heck out of there! Later we tamed the giga and called it killer because it killed the titano. -lava

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