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History Channel is back on!

I’m gonna say something here.

I decided to come back as I have found a passion for history and teaching it. I believe that the way schools teach history is fundamentally dumb and constructed in a way that people will think they are stupid or that it’s boring when history is just such a diverse subject that even when studying one region you can feel like a new student studying it. You may know a lot about the Etruscans but nothing about the Celts. As I cannot help my peers in history for a while, Summer break will dawn upon me shortly, I wanted to find ways to teach people history so they would enjoy it, unlike the curriculum, forcing one to learn one thing, I want you guys to decide what I should do.

So, decide!

A Mad Scramble (About the British colonization of Africa)

The Fall of the Celts (About the Gallic Wars)

Megas (About Alexander the Great’s conquest)

The Eternal City (The Founding of Rome)


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