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Honestly, we need to stop arguing about if rexes are better then spinos, since none of us are gonna change, no matter if there’s evidence. BUT, NO, DID YOU JUST SAY SPINOS ARE BETTER THAN GIGAS BUT YOU HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED ON THE ISLAND!?!? Anyways, here is why giga is better, and don’t even try to tell me “oh but spino kill wild giga” a rex can do it too, actually any creature that’s more on the mid game to endgame side can, you just need good damage and a good saddle, bleed damage is the only issue.

Alright, here’s why giga is better than spino:

Firstly, a giga can has 30k+ hp if imprinted (and high level, but nobody tames low level gigas unless it’s for a breeding method where all the females are low levels and the male has the good stats), and on the spinos side, it reaches 15k-20k maximum. So now we know giga has more hp, because who doesn’t use an imprinted giga? A giga can also get higher melee damage, reaching over 2k+ per bite! (I know from experience on extinction, you cannot complete that map without gigas). So now we know the gigas stats, we know spino has decent melee, only thing making it decent is attack speed. So, to be realistic I’ll use an example of both a spino and giga being ridden, since a giga isn’t gonna fight a spino in the wild, and if it did, spino would lose because it only has like 6k hp, giga has 80k and bleed damage.

So the giga has pretty high knockback, which could definitely make the spino miss a hit or two, but after that the spino will be up in the giga’s face. The giga would be depleting its health pretty quickly, even if they both had good saddles. So you know, yeah, it is entirely possible the giga rages, and if it did, the rider is screwed and ends up dead, spino gets a few extra hits in to make up for the few it missed during the knockback, but the giga does more damage while enraged if I remember correctly. So yeah, giga just has more health and LOTS more damage which is why it wins, and also lava, actually use creatures before you say a spino is better, there’s no way people would say a spino is better without using a giga. Even then, a giga is used for Titans when a spino wouldn’t win, which is also a pretty good example a giga is better. Anyways, if you have questions on if a spino is better than (insert creature name), I can give reasons why, not including the rex since people either use a rex or spino, people aren’t really gonna change to using spinos. Now let’s end this and we can do this in guild private chat where it’s just you and me, not the group chat.


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