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Random extinction fight scenario I came up with:

You and a few other survivors stand out in the wasteland, in a full tek suit. A generator and four turrets in a square formation are filled to the brim with ammo, shooting down corrupted pteranodons and wyverns. You and the other survivors shoot down various corrupted creatures with your tek rifle. The horde of creatures never seem to stop, as they just constantly appear out of thin air, trying to get to you and murder you. Eventually, the turrets run out ammo, and hundreds upon hundreds of corrupted creatures are charging after you. You and your friends shoot down as much as you can, but it’s not enough. You’ve taken down about 50% of the horde surprisingly, but everything goes wrong as a giant shape materializes out of thin air. A titan. It’s a fire-based titan, destroying everything in its way. As it kills it’s own corrupted creatures to get to you, you shoot it with your tek rifle as much as you can, just like your friends. The titan doesn’t seem to stop, as it suddenly shot out fire in all directions. One of the flames hit your friend, and now he’s on the ground burning up from direct fire contact and the scorching-hot sun. The titan roars, and it seems like the end.. but suddenly, it falls to the ground, dead. How many times did the four, but now three of you shoot it? As it lay dead on the ground, more corrupted creatures materialize, coming after you. The fight never seems to end as you retreat to the city, because if you stay to fight you’ll die, you’ll run out of ammunition.. or maybe meet the same fate as they did, and become a corrupted survivor.


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