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Lolbit I am related to many world leaders. Here are some of the countries we lead

Great Britain and Prussia, the Empire of Russia,

Two Sicilies, Sulu, Siam

The Papal States, Zululand, Persian Empire,

and Jolof, Kaabu, and Bhutan

Ashanti and Tooro, Punjab and Bunyoro,

Our Holy Roman Empire is gone, (😔)

Dahomey, Bukhara, Selangor, Bambara,

The Ottomans, Parma, and Kong

There's Brunswick, Bavaria, Central America,

Schleswig and Holstein

Our Empire of Austria

So long our Empire Maratha

China's Empire of Qing, Bhutan calls Norbu King

Our lovely Free City of Bremen

The Afghani Emirate, Aden Protectorate

That's what we used to call Yemen

Kingdoms Gomma and Khiva, Limmu-Ennarea

The Sultanates Maldives, Perak.

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