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clears throat*

Manticore, i have returned. I have my postion back. Wowza, holy, okay, it seem manticore basically just exiled lolbit. Okay, wait, WHY THE HECK IS SKY DYE A WARZONE?!?! Okay, sky dye is no longer a warzone, i have no idea how it would be one anyway. So, lolbit. I may not be able to remove all of your sentances. I can remove the exile one, but the trial is already set in place. Also, manticore, i dont think the vice has THAT much power. I dont think lolbit deserves that much punishment. I personally think we need 3 people who know a lot about fnaf to work on figuring out lolbits human(i think). So we need 3 volunteers. Also, planarinan, do you have a separate base on the xbox server? If you still want to join the tribe i will mainly be on around 1:00. Once a few people join the tribe so stuff doesnt get auto decayed, im probably going to make my base on val. Because lets be honest, i dout everybody is going to use the hq as a base, and they're going to want to make their own base. Also, if anyone wants a deinonychus, I will get you one since im used to val, but i will need payment in return for the egg.

-vice president shadow

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