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who's HJK?

who's this person?

who are you guys, i feel like you don't know me anymore

i feel..

left out of everything like people have been ignoring me for the past weeks, i just don't feel like writing stories anymore, i don’t know why but

i feel like everyone hates me

lava calling me biast

the arguments

the good times, and i don't talk about my stories.. i feel like i get no support for what i do,

im going through tough times right now and i would like to say.. ill try better.. i don’t wanna make anyone mad.. but, i trust you all and think your great people and you can make a change, but i feel like im nothing

to myself

to you

to everyone

i never have anyone spark conversation with me irl

nobody appreciates what i do

i lost many friends in my life, because im doing what i love.

don't get me wrong, im glad meeting people of the same hobby, its just.. i don't know what to do anymore

there are so many discontinued stories, i just forget.

im.. not a writer is what i tell myself..

i cant get famous doing this

its just

write story

have it buried by hundreds of others.. its not that i hate these stories.. i just feel

left out :(

out of place




dead.. inside

like its just a hollow room with nothing in it, just me.. with no support

no.. anything..

im sorry if i sound like im leaving

im not.. i just wanna have a break, don’t be rude

i don't wanna hear any thing mean or anything else.

your free to reply with advice.

im sorry for wasting your time

if your still here

thank you

you are amazing you can make a change, just remember that.

-sincerely HJK

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