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SN(Ha, even though im in a jar i can still write lamprey)


To the people using ghost buster guns, you realize that this ghost put my essence in a jar and is using my body to try to take over the world, right? Also make sure you check out the superior news station, lamp news in yellow dye cause apparently im bad at writing news things.😔

News on Apex

Either i have absolutely terrible timing with these news things, or apex has been strangely quiet. I havnt heard anything from him since they mentioned that they coulnt wait until apex predator came out.

News on hjk/crow

I learned from lamp news that hjk burned down a house using a flamethrower! Also new reporter lamprey said that they received a letter from crow saying that they will kill lamprey.

News on The Monarchy

Lamprey has started a monarchy to take over the dyes! Their main headquaters are blue dye. I dont know how they have the time to do a Monarchy and write lamp news but their managing.

AD: Make sure you check out the other fanfictioners, they have some pretty great storys! Alot better than mine!

AD: Do you like scary stories? Well check out karkanos for some spoooooooky stories! Also i have my spoopy story in sinomaratops.

News on planarinan

It seems that planarinan has had his demon side take over or something along the lines of that. If i could get my stupid jar over there i might be able to help, but i am stuck in blue dye at the moment.

Shadow Facts

Did you know that a living shadows main sorce of transportation is possessing shadow?

Kid section!

Count the S's!

Sneaky ShadowS Steal SapphireS from the StoreS aiSleS.

AD: dont forget to try apex cookies!

Thats all for todays news, I'll see you tomorrow!

-news repoter shadow

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