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Honestly I don’t get why everyone’s terrified of Apex, I mean I know I’ve only been here...1...2...27 days but I’ve read the chat and he doesn’t sound that bad, I mean I think I’d be pretty fun to burn down Taco Bell’s and orphanages...I like Taco Bell but I’d grab a snack from it THEN burn it down...ya gotta be smart...and I don’t have much feel for “orphanages” call me cruel, well I am, I’m pretty twisted and like watching people suffer (not my friends). I don’t really support canabulism as I’ve already told a baby crystal wyvern when it wanted primal crystal for taming but I don’t really care if he does it, besides I have nothing to worry about, I’m not entirely human I’m actually like 4% human and 96% other stuff so um yeah. Aside from that, who wouldn’t go around with a chainsaw? I mean who knows when you’ll have to kill someone, cover up a crime, defend yourself, kill someone for fun cuz you’re bored, or anything else.

In all, sounds like a fun guy and I’m not sorry if Apex takes the fact that I’m not scared of him as a insult, I’ll admit it, I can be pretty evil.

From your favorite cat,



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