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I don’t know why your starting war against me, but this is common knowledge to literally every player. Go look it up on YouTube, it’s there in PVP, PVE, and sometimes singeplayer. There’s also hackers who aren’t getting banned on pc official servers, which means that it’s better to play unofficial servers because it could have better staff and all. And yeah, ark isn’t really a bad game, nor is it good, it’s just really addicting for some reason. At this point it’s common knowledge to everyone that watches ark on YouTube, uses reddit, uses discord, or plays actual servers. You probably wouldn’t get to experience this because your a mobile player, and that has not a lot of bugs surprisingly but normal/PC and console ark is much better because you can edit things, there’s free maps, DLCs, 10000x better A.I. Well that’s everything I have to say.


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