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Hey Lamprey,

1:Rockwell is from Britain

2:Mei Yin is from the yellow turban rebellion (about 2000 years before Rockwell was even born) so you’re right

3:The actual story is long and complicated so……


We, as a species, found element! It’s cool! Oh wait it’s killing us. Yeah we screwed up señor. Let’s make these big domes in space that simulate the world to train people to fight the big lizard, tree, snow man, and flying manta ray. Surely no one would take over these domes (that’s called foreshadowing) and surely no one will die. So the world sucks, oh these are Proto arks. Yeah leave them here they’re failed experiments. Sure it’ll give a challenge and a home while they’re running away from the robots and whatever other unspeakable unimaginable horrors we Frankensteined into existence. Oh sure make a VR version of the domes for the kids who are addicted to their new fangled gadgets. And make a space ship because we wanna find a new planet and take it over (RULE BRITANNIA, BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES). Yeah no one is gonna take these over and infect them.

If u need another summed up history for dummies dopes and dodos just ask and I’ll do it


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