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I wrote a new story and want to know what you guys think!

The storm clouds settled in, tonight was the night. The T-Rex let out a long throaty roar, signaling to the Spino that war was officially going to begin, tonight. The Spino let out a call of its own, accepting the challenge. These next agonizingly long months would be full of nothing but deaths and hiding. The Rex's pupils dilated into thin slits, making it's eyes look like deep red pools if blood. The Spino's heart beat faster, would she had what it took to rule the Arks? The Rex gave her no time to think before it charged at her, roaring in anger and rage. No one had ever stood up to him before, and from what he was witnessing now, he hated being challenged. The dinos around them tensed and held their breath. The Spino quickly dodged the Rex's attack with ease and then slammed her large tail into his face. The Rex backed away and shook his head, struggling to keep his balance. The Spino took her chance and ran towards the injured titan, jaws opened wide. The Rex recoverd and was able to turn so the Spino wouldn't get his neck, instead she bit into the heavy scaly plates in his back, denting them. The Rex spun around and grabbed the Spino by her fin, tugging as hard as he could. The Spino yelped in pain as the Rex tore a large chunk out of the large white spine. This enraged her, she grabbed the rex by it's chest, ripping it's arms off and large chunk from him. He roared and backed away, trying to forfeit. The Spino didn't care, blinded by her rage, she grabbed the Rex's meaty throat and slammed her jaw shut. The Rex gave one last roar before it fell to the ground, dead. The Spino smelled the Rex and roared in triumph. The dinosaurs around her were terrified, they never knew what kind of a leader she would be.

The Spino was now the new leader of the Arks, for now.


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