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*A whole flock of blue spiders arranges into a humanoid creature, which then proceeds to use the silk of many spiders to create an unnecessarily dramatic coat -complete with a collar far to large to be functional in any way- as well as a fedora, one spider quickly making a bow tie, as if simply to prove the ridiculous OTTity of it and it's entire colonial mind*

The creature Sadistic Apex could potentially be caught with. . .

• 1 rope of at least fifty feet in length

• 10 young of any humanoid species(for bait)

• 3 tall and strong poles, must be over 45ft in length

• 125 pegomastax hiding inside. . .

• 1 large box with a tendency to shatter after falling 40 feet

• and 1 large cauldron


stick each pole roughly five feet into the ground in a triangular pyramid, ideally leave small overlap on top.

Now wrap the fifty foot rope around the top of them all, make sure that it is in an overcomplex but loose knot that'll succeed in shortening the rope by 15 feet...

Now tie the loose dangling end of the rope to the cauldron, ensure that the bottom of the cauldron is at least 10 feet off the ground and can be reached but not properly grasped by an average human or eldritch horror,

Put all ten humanoid children inside the cauldron, make sure that they have some species variation, 2 human, 4 Zabrak, 4 gigantopithecus is a good combination.

Now balance the box of pegos on the top of the pyramid and wait from a safe distance.

When Apex appears to eat the bait, he will hopefully attempt to climb the cauldron or pull it down to feast on the innards of those inside, however due to the loose knot far above, it'll fall upon the deadly beast, if this does not crush him to death instantly, or better, fall and trap him, the box holding the pegos will fall and smash onto the ground, releasing an army of chaotic thieves to steal Apex's supply of at least ten chainsaws, seven small pistols (all a different colour), One or more teK railguns, a portable guillotine, several human heads, a bag of food,(likely the remains of the bounty hunters some overconfident lizard sent to kill him) and more likely than not a live shark.

~Poecilotheria metallica.

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