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Sneak, if your curious about why we all left, it’s mostly because we got bored. We all got bored, dg running became boring for me, and I occasionally joined. I remember I bought a quetz egg (eerie quetz) and I got twins, and gave it to DTG, and I may or may not have accidentally hatched it at 8:00 or 9:00. Anyways, I felt like DTG was the only reason the tribe was alive, and that was also the reason I occasionally joined. Then, the admins asked DTG and dilo girl if they wanted to be admins, I know DTG declined, don’t know what dilo said (probably also declined) so the admins then forced DTG and dilo to be admins for one of their other servers. And well, nobody logged on. A giga spawned in our base and killed tons of things, but swamp logged on and killed it. Also just a little story if your curious as to how swamp killed the giga, you can buy dg kits for 3 ele (3 dg kits per run) and you get like a 800% shotgun, 1200 defense flak (helmet, chest plate, etc etc) so it was op. I even killed a giga on foot! Ok, back to the main story. And then the admins banned people who weren’t on the discord, and I was the only person who didn’t have discord and wasn’t banned, even to this day. I think it was because dilo begged the main admin to not ban me, which is probably why. Anyways, that’s what happened and I really do miss those days, they were soooo good. Sadly there aren’t any really active servers.


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