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Hello manticore! I'm assuming your new here. I apologize for the complete chaos, and my yelling. Currently we're in a state of madness, both on dododex and on discord. We aren't always like this. Again, i'm sorry for the mess.

Anyway, we're on here because a long time ago (August 2019) Two fanfictioners (Me, called Seasnake back then, snek is just a nickname i have now, and Big blue spider who has like 2 different names) started their stories in allosaurus and meso sections. They inspired the first round of fanfictioners, some call them the "OGs". The great Bob, a popular one, was a funny political guy. He wrote short chapters, which were surprisingly not descriptive at all and boring. But somehow the public liked it. Which to be fair, both dtg and i wrote those kinds of stories, but we both made our stories progressively longer, and better, more thought-out (and, surprisingly, less popular). Bob is corrupted and power hungry now. Stay away from him. DTG? he wrote "dodo tales"! a great story. Honestly i forgot a lot about it but he wrote a lot of stories afterwards too, just in discord. Then more came, Cl1, lamprey, nazgul, swamp guy, apex predator, etc etc. Theres a lot of new fanfictioners now. Anyway we made our home in a creature section i forgot but then someone suggested (i think it was cl1) a dye section. And a fan came up and suggested silver dye, because there was only 1 tip on it. So, we uh, took over. We moved to NationStates to contact eachother then that didnt really work out. Then bob suggested discord, a new way of contacting each other. Most fanfictioners, considering they were kids, could not join. First, dtg and snek joined, then CL1, then a fan named SilverWings who became a fanfictioner. More came, including dilo girl and swamp guy, but swamp guy left. The discord people (and lamprey from here) started playing Ark mobile! those were the days. We built giant raft bases and tamed rexes and argies, then got raided by chinese hackers... lol. We moved to Shady records gaming pve easy, had fun, some of us became admins, then just kinda.. left. Then someone suggested a game, star wars guilds or something, to chat with eachother. I didnt play it but i'm assuming they're still playing it now. Back on discord, the server grew. Fans came in.. literally dan, lord of dododex, joined for a bit.. and then chaos happened. We gave bob too much power, and he took over. Muting other mods, banning people, changing everything. I left. Dtg (owner of the server) doesn't want to ban him because he thinks another civil war will break out. Oh, did i mention the 5 civil wars we went through? that's another story for another post. I'm thinking of creating a new server, that welcomes all stories from all fandoms (fanfictions, character backstories, roleplays) and even ones you can make up yourself. But idk about it. Dtg and cl1 are talking about the end of the discord community and even here. I'm not going to let that happen.

-snek. sorry the story kinda spiraled off lol

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