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Redwoods???!??!?!?!?!! that aint hard at all. Normal settings, boosted difficulty: me and my friend started on valguero small islands. We tamed three pteras and a para, then made our way into redwoods. We made our base in that little clearing next to Twin Peaks, close to a lake. I tamed a para for myself and we went on a taming spree, forgetting to bring our pteras and dying to purlovias and terror birds. However our paras killed them off(this was a while after we moving into redwoods, we actually had metal and tranq arrows now, so they were leveled up a bit more). My friend lost motivation but i kept going and found our stuff, then we headed back to base. We gathered resources and leveled up, deciding to go try to tame an argy. We put our pteras on follow and hopped on our paras, and went towards the tundra. Which wasn't hard since lived right next to it. We shot an argy with tranq arrows, not knowing that it was a level 46(or something close to that) and were unable to knock it down. Nevertheless we chased it, off our mounts whilst they were passive, and got cornered by wolves and pigs. Yep we died. Our creatures were out of range and on passive. My friend quickly lost motivation again and wanted to start a new ark. But i spawned in the tundra and went on searching, dying lots of times to various things (carnos, wolves, pigs, fall damage) but finally got on the cliff we were on and got my stuff. Oak (my ptera) had died but the rest were okay. We had to search a while for my friends stuff but we got it. We got back to base and my friend couldnt play for a few days, and told me i could keep playing. What did i do? Go on a massive taming spree. I went to the other side of The Lake and tamed a raptor and a VERY HIGH LEVEL, BEAUTIFUL MALE tek parasaur. He's my para now, his name is Panther. Very useful. The raptor died but i got a spino(which almost died a few times due to me being stupid). Long story short after that i tamed a bronto, anky, doedic, paracer, three deinons (different eggs, two female one male, the male is mine), three argies, three wolves, and uh.. actually i think that's all. But i could be wrong, i'll check later. Anyway I wanted to get out of the redwoods and move to a base location i used a long long time ago, when i first started playing. It's valgueros equivalent of herbivore island, only it's not an island, and is open space on the edge of The Lake. It has ruins that go in and over the water, that look like docks for your motorboats or rafts, set paths and a place to get carrots and other crops. Also only has herbivores.. i think. Also, it's the place near "Spirit Tree"! Yeah if you remember that you read AJTTAT or A Yutys Quest, because they contain that! It's where they take place. Anyway to get there we needed to swim! fun.. our para and doedic died. But fun fact! Anklyos are amazing swimmers compared to how they walk on land!! this is where i'm at though.. In the middle of The Lake, me dead, and my spino encumbered and drowning (from killing and harvesting many mantas, megas, and jellyfish that attacked.) Shouldve turned enemy harvesting off. Anyway I got out of the game without saving.. what's there to lose? I'm about to play it, to see what i can do to save my spino, either that or redo that all again and be more cautious and smart. AND NO, I AM NOT GOING AROUND THE LAKE BECAUSE THE LAKE IS HUGE AND DOING THAT IS PROBABLY MORE DANGEROUS THAN SWIMMING.

I'll update you later after i have played it. Maybe i'll move this to another section. Idk


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