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i know most of us are under 18(including me), and a lot of people are fine with showing there face... but imma little insecure inside, its just weird how i get looked at everyday by people, thats why i mostly keep my head low,


anyways to the point!.. most fanfictioners have their own places they wright and do stuff.. mine is random aberration creatures and sarco.. and the keep going, i didn’t do what DTG did, in alphabetical order, i just kinda go with it, should i start doing that?.. or no, cuz its kinda hard to find my stuff, i put reminders.. (sometimes... STUPID OTHER ME *SMACK SMACK SMACK*)

but yeah, if you wanna find the series, you can go on ravager.. sarco.. scout, jerboa, or bloodstalker, most of them start there.. i really don't care where i put them im just lazy, anyways, VOTE DINOPITHECUS ON CREATURE VOTEEEE!

-HJK :)

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