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So, if you don’t know who the devs “The Behemoth” are, which are also called the Castle crasher devs, they make good games. They usually make games that usually cost $10-$20. So, I’m going to be rating all their games, because why not. Also this is my opinion, and yes I have played all their games and completed them, and keep in mind all these games are pretty good.

4. Pit People

Pit people, their most Recent game (released in 2018, demo in 2017) is 5th in my opinion. It’s a turn based game where set in a apocalyptic dreamland with a space bear narrating what’s happening (voiced by Will Stamper, very good voice actor.) You should play

Battleblock Theater before this to understand the story. Why? The story is kinda short, but good. The game is mostly side quests so I would recommend doing those to make the game longer. You should also try to recruit units like cyclops, spidaurs, cup cakes, hair trolls, troll moms, humans, pixies etc etc. Game is $20 dollars, and is it worth it? Yes, but it seems more like a $15 game instead of $20 game.

3. Alien Hominid

Alien hominid is a run n’ gun game where you play as a yellow alien with big, black bug-like eyes and antennas with a zig-zag mouth. The story is that the FBI shot down your UFO and now you need to get it back. So you have to kill tons of FBI agents and their machines to get your space ship back, to where you somehow end up in Russia. In Russia you have to fight past lots of Soviet Union soldiers and machines, similar to the first world, Urban (it’s set in a city.) The next world is Area 51, where you encounter many strange things in the later levels, like small blue hairy things with shark fins on their backs that cling on to military soldiers and spray them with acid, disintegrating them. Is this game worth the $10 dollars? Yes, it’s a decently long game and your thumb will probably hurt a lot from how many times you pressed the X button.

2. Battleblock Theater

Battleblock Theater is a platformer game where the story is, your one of the hundreds of friends in whatever place. Anyways, they always go on adventures with their ship, The S.S. Friendship (yes they really did call it that) and there’s this one friend who is more like the king of them, but not really if that makes sense. His name is Hatty Hattington, and he later becomes important in the story. So the S.S. Friendship crashes into an island with a broken down theater that you enter, with random orange cats with a white face and belly (they stand on two legs) who are just there, and as you explore the theater you see the cats put a strange hat on Hatty Hattington. Later, you then wake up in prison with cat guards, and your forced to perform in front of an audience of cats to entertain them as you run through spikes, pools of water (your character can’t swim) and various other things. There’s also stuff like wings and a jet pack you can get. Also, did I mention you can shove and punch your friends to their death in this game? I would recommend playing with friends, because I played it with mine and we kept shoving each other into spikes and pools of water (well, mostly me because that’s the first thing I think of.) It even got to the point where whenever he helped my up a ledge he would instantly try to push me off because I was going to the same. It’s more than worth the $15 dollars, if you have friends. It has a level editor and all that, too bad the servers are dead though.

1. Castle Crashers

Ah yes, Castle Crashers. This is the first game I played made by the devs, and it’s a beat’em up type of game where you attack your enemies with swords and everything. Also this is set in the medieval age, but there’s a literal alien space ship that’s a reference to alien hominid, along with cone heads that have light sabers, and did I mention there’s an industrial castle? I don’t have much else to say since it’s getting pretty late, but is it worth the $15 dollars? It’s beyond worth it, the replay ability on this game is excellent, I’ve played it over and over again and have sometimes gotten bored of it, but yeah, definitely worth it and the best game made by “The Behemoth.”


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