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I feel like the corrupted creatures are way to easy to kill, unless your in the forbidden zone with all the scary corrupted wyverns and gigas. From what I’ve seen, astrodelphis broke pvp more than the managarmr did. Gasbags are cute, but they can be good if you figure out how to fly them. Velo isn’t too bad, it’s actually pretty decent and can be used for temporary defense if your doing something like lava golem on Ragnarok. The mek seems pretty good, but not op. Enforcer is an ok early game mount, but goodluck tryna make a lvl 50 bp early game. Gachas are also good and should be used. The only good things I see from extinction are cryopods and gachas. Also yeah meteors are annoying and I just straight up get like 20 billion berries when I go into the wasteland because I don’t even bother with cooked meat, because I usually eat raw meat and that would kill me in the wasteland because I’m losing more food than my health can regenerate. Simple version: The raw food debuff would do too much damage to me, and because health costs food to regenerate and wasteland makes you lose food quicker, I end up losing too much food and I can’t regenerate hp. For example, let’s say my hp is 200. Eating raw meat takes away 20 hp, and I need 20 food to get that back. If I’m in the wasteland and I ate one raw meat, my hp would be 180. So now my food is 20 points. By the time I gain 10 hp, I’ve already ran out of food. I think I gave too many simple explanations. Anyways, you get the point.


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