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Carrying on from dlc idea number 4, Planet X15

Planet X15’s second region really does look alien, resembling a swamp, but with almost every leaf and planet glowing blue or purple. There are multiple rivers in the swamp, however none of them lead anywhere. The swamp region is very dangerous, full of swamp and cave creatures, as well as the rivers being full of eels and anglers, to make things worse, passive creatures are rare and aggressive creatures dominate the swamp. At the end of the swamp is a big cliff, leading down into the most inhospitable region of them all, the blood region. The blood region is dark no matter what time of day it is, and rivers of blood run through it, there are no passive creatures here and it’s full of aggressive creatures. Only the best players with tonnes of high level tames and creatures should dare go here. The final region is the lava filled underworld. The underworld has only three entrances, two of them in the forest region and the other in the blood region. Only three creatures live in the underworld, I’ll go over them now.

The creatures

Glob- most likely the first creature you’ll encounter is the Glob, it’s a small, fat, blobby creature with stumpy legs, a round face and big eyes. They serve pretty much no use once tamed.

Stalker- the stalker resembles a furless lion, but still has a mane, they move in packs, have high knock back and a bleed effect, making them dangerous creatures that make great tames.

Cavecrawler- a small lizard that lives in caves, it looks like a gecko and is completely useless.

Aquascorpio- imagine the sea scorpion things from the base game, now make them 5 times bigger, you get Aquascorpio. They live in lakes and rivers, can kill spinos and are absolute nightmares for beginners.

Hellcrawler- get a megalania, make it double the size and give it spikes, you get Hellcrawler, there fast, can climb, breath fire and burrow, even worse, they are very common in the forest region.

I’ll do the rest in another post cause I gotta go now.


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