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DLC idea number 4

Planet X15

Planet X15 is, as the name suggests, set on an alien planet. It has four main regions, each one a different level of difficulty, the only region you can spawn in is the forest region. The forest region is mainly forest with a large lake in the middle and multiple rivers branching out from it. Each of these rivers ends in a large swamp, which are quite dangerous places for beginners. This zone is generally safe, with the occasional raptor and unnamed predator being the biggest dangers. However, the lake, rivers and swamps are home to spinos and the unnamed river creature that I’ll tell you about later, making them bad for beginners. One of the many rivers leads to a waterfall going down into the second region. Next to the waterfall is a path leading down into the next region. This path is dangerous as it is full of creatures from the second region, so you need either good tames or good guns to get through it.

I’m going to have to carry on telling you about the rest later, so I’ll do it in a different post.


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