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So, I have gotten the ending. I speedran the missions with a pretty good weapon I got, forgot what it was, but all the missions that showed up were complete. While I was doing missions, a took a bit of time to store rex eggs in my shadowmane while the rexes were breeding. So by yesterday I had everything ready for Rockwell, I watched a video, or just a small amount of it just for an idea of what to bring. I brought 10 rexes, each prim saddles each, and did it on gamma. Because one mission was glitched and hunt missions didn’t appear, I was forced to use cheats to get to the arena. I did get the mutagen legit, and they I did the fight. At the end, I was excited for the ending, but then my Xbox decided to crash for no reason. So I ran the fight in creative. Great but sad ending, I came close to tearing up, but that was it. I watched the full credits, then did the alpha fight in creative to see if there was any hidden part. There wasn’t anything on alpha. Might have progressed a bit too fast… well now I’m going to have to finish playing through the DLC maps then I’m trying pvp again, hopefully pvp will be good by the time I get there.


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