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Okay, since Swamp wants to hear my ideas for DLCs, here’s the first one.

The Archipelago map

The Archipelago map is a big map, mainly ocean with multiple large islands, each one different. The easiest island is the tropical island, a big island with little predators that’s good for starters. The tropical island is surrounded by many smaller islands and some bigger ones. North of the tropical islands are the ice islands, frozen islands full of predators with little prey, these are very dangerous and only safe for experienced players. In the centre of the map is a massive mountain that rises up out of the ocean, the mountain is full of resources and dangerous creatures and surrounded by a chain of dangerous volcanic islands. The ocean surrounding all the islands is extremely deep and full of danger, and in the ocean around the mountain is a big cave which leads into an underground world full of aberrant creatures. In this underground world you will find the boss creature of the archipelago map, a giant scorpion the size of a giga that sprays poison out of its stinger. Kill it and you ascend.

All right, that’s my first idea, I’ve got multiple others. Also, The Archipelago Map has no new creatures apart from the boss.


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