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So I found a video on how to tame creatures quicker, and it actually works. The guy showed two ways, one where you murder that taming effectiveness, and the other is similar but you keep the taming the effectiveness. I’ll go over the one where you keep the taming effectiveness. So what you want is a shotgun, a low level stego, and the creature’s favourite kibble and a magnifying glass, or scan a creature with HLNA if your on gen 1 or 2. What you wanna do is get the creature your taming below 40% health, and then knock it out. Now this is where your low level stego comes in. Use your bleed attack on the creature that your taming, and as soon as you see the blood splatter, cancel the ability. I don’t understand how it works, maybe with the stamina drain? Anyways, it works but it can be a bit hard. The other way is you knock it first, shotgun it to 40% and do the same thing.


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