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Swamp, I don’t know how to steer it on pc, but you can steer it on console (I’m on singleplayer) but it’s annoying, and I hate doing the missions because of how annoying it is. But basically this is how I started out:

First I explored most of the biomes, skipping maewing. About 2 hours in, I decided to go for a shadowmane. I got one fish basket, and used it on a low level to see if it needed more than one, and to figure out the mechanics on taming it. I eventually got a 130 shadowmane, and those things are beasts. I spent way to long searching for a decent level that was in a small pack, or even alone. The Rockwell even teased me by showing a max level, 150 then it followed a tappy in to the water where it couldn’t get out, and I just had my federation armour, spyglass, and fish baskets. Rockwell’s innards isn’t scary, the devs want you to be scared of it, but I went in there with just my federation armour, only one death because I didn’t understand how to escape the macrophage, and I got out with a mutagen. Also look at a trap for the reaper Queen if you want a reaper king, and bring something like a shadowmane and a light pet, very easy to get the reaper king, unlike aberration where it’s in the radiation zone. My current opinion on the map: very good map, the federation tek suit needs a nerf, it makes progression go as fast as if you got a good start on scorched earth and managed to get a wyvern day 2 somehow and the federation chest plate and leggings make traveling quick, so flyers are kinda useless because you can fly while encumbered, along with moving around quickly while in the air. Also the voidwyrm is basically a tek wyvern, it’s only used the breath and bite attack on me, and if your wondering how to tame, from what I’ve heard you have to get very low until it does a special animation, where you have to ride it and feed it in a small time frame when it barrel rolls, or you get dismounted. It’s tamed with mutagen, astrodelphis is tamed with element, and yes space dolphin is aggressive, so you have to pet it and then feed it element for it to be a good boi.


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