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More Gen 2 tips:

I’ve only really found shadowmanes in the south of Rockwell’s garden, so watch out there.

THERE ARE BLOODSTALKERS!!! (South Rockwell’s garden, not sure what they latch onto, maybe the big flowers things.) I learned this the hard way.

WATCH OUT FOR PURLOVIAS!!!! They ARE in the Eden Biome (again, learned this the hard way)

When a Carniflora grabs you, it gives you torpor, so you will KO and fall out of it. When you wake up, you have enough time to run away.

When you grab Mutagen from the glowing plants in Rockwell’s innards, a swarm of mini-summoner things called a Macrophage will come out and attack you. They’re kind of like insect swarms just worse. Multiple Summoners will also come at you. I almost died for one piece of Mutagen, it better be worth it.

According to the wiki, you can find Feroxes on some Eden Zone beaches??? Ferox spawns are messed up for me, they weren’t spawning for me on Genesis 1, so I can’t confirm that.

The Eden Zone may seem safe, but there are R-Daeodons, R-Direwolves, regular direwolves, direbears, etc. I’d suggest that until you have a good mount, keep yourself in the air with your Tek suit.

FEDERATION TEK SUITS DO NOT NEED ELEMENT TO RUN!!! This is game changing because as soon as you start out, you can fly around and swim around very quickly. Unfortunately, the base Tek you start out with only gives 20 armor a piece, at least for me.

Shadowmanes do not need saddles and come with natural armor. Unlike some other creatures, for example trikes which just take less damage from certain areas, the Shadowmane comes with a piece called Shadowmane Natural Armor automatically in its saddle slot once tamed. This cannot be taken off. I got a Shadowmane with ramshackle natural armor??? That gives 121 armor, pretty epic.

I still haven’t tried the minigun yet, but the Tek Bow is amazing! It’s ammo is element shards, and it basically transforms those into arrows about the power of metal arrows! The arrow flies like a bullet and does more damage if you pull it back farther.

HOVERSAIL!!! This thing is epic. I don’t know the controls on console, since I play Pc. But, it skims right over the ground and water. It’s very fast, you can hold down the button you would to run to make it go faster. You can immediately change directions with the press of a button, or pivot completely. You can make it jump, or a quick boosted jump. While in the air, you can do flips and trick!!

Shadowmanes have a dash attack, where you can target multiple opponents and dash trough them instantly, dealing damage and stunning them for a few.

That’s about it for now!!


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