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As it seems like DTG, Seasnake, and Dilo Girl rarely if ever show their faces here, I need someone to get a hold of them and tell them about our guild on galaxy of heroes. I need to talk with them real time rather than delayed on dex.

Also, apex, I saw you post on not wanting the guild like the discord. The messages are limited and even if you were to write a story there, it would be a pain. Also, for the record, I am completely opposed to this discord exclusive stuff and it needs to end, so I will not let that happen to the guild.

I hope more of you will join the guild. It is fun and nice to chat real time.

I am nearing the end of school and hoping I get lucky and can post to dex without interference through the entire summer. If not, I will continue to read posts, but I can only communicate through Galaxy of Heroes if that happens.

Love you all, praying for you all.


- The Nazgûl

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