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How many fanfictioners are even still here?

I feel like all of them just disappeared.

Bob's inactive as far as I can tell. . . No surprise there I suppose.

DtG's lost his mind and is spouting some unusual religious whatsit about bowing to the great almighty discord and writing in the future. . .

@[email protected] I thought you were better than this,

Dodo Tales Guy

(Ok whatever, it's not religious, but it's close enough, besides it's able to be viewed as a non insult so there)

Seasnake Turtle Lizard Ibabi Tealsippy The First is. . . Uuuuh, who knows?

(Tealsippy is TLCP in the way it's pronounced, not a brand of slushies, by the way)

Ackbar is. . . Uuuuhhm. . . May he rest in peace I guess⚰️

Haven't seen Toad for a while, but then, toad appears to disappear.

I'm. . . Good question, I'm stumped at my own status.

Skronkmonster's just declared probable halt to hi- S'hthet's writing.

Nazgûl is. . . [STATUS UNKNOWN]

Dilo girl I've not seen in a while either. . .

That leaves }⚆{

. . . The Eyeball. . .


~Poecilotheria metallica


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