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Two otters I tamed died in less than a hour, here’s the story:

So I got attacked by ants, 2 micro raptors, and three pegomastax. I got killed, and my otter also died, around when I got very close to the area, so the otter fought well. I was able to get my stuff back, but I knew I would need another otter. I instantly looked around for a otter, and tamed it. I decided to try to put a hat on it since the area seemed safe, but that’s when a snake attacked! It killed the otter, and me being annoyed by that killed the snake. And then I searched in another area and found another otter which I now own, and I named him “Otter the 3rd” since I hadn’t given the first otter a name. And he also has the Christmas antlers from the first otter too. Sadly, my bary went missing in action, most likely running in a straight line through red woods. It is unknown if he is dead, but I am annoyed by this simply because I needed him for a few more caves.


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