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The Terrors of below.

Part one sneak peek.

Death, blood, the air stank, he was alone, bleeding, hurting, unable to move. Something was on his legs, stopping him from getting up. He reached for his legs, a plank of wood. He grabbed it and pushed it off. He staggered to his feet, he was in a damaged wooden room, a torn and blood stained body lay in front of him. He staggered towards it, they held something in their hands, a simple pistol, he picked it up and loaded it, he fired at the wall, it worked. He smiled, but then he heard footsteps, and a voice.

“That was a gunshot! Whoever it was is gonna die...” the sinister voice said.

“Yes, get your rifles ready, they’re armed, but they still won’t stand a chance.” Another said. ‘Oh my god, they’re coming, but who are they?’ He thought to himself. He readied his pistol and knelt down next to the door, and then they walked in, looking around, two armed soldiers, he didn’t stand a chance...

Right then, this story is coming soon!


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