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Three things:

1. Happy new year in advance!🥳 Soon we‘ll be finally out of the disaster of a year 2020. This year was tough, but we survived!

2. Ok, so I have an idea on a fan fiction so you guys tell me how it sounds. We do a cross-fanfictioner thing where all of us post a new part to the story. It’ll of course have to have some rules, but I think it could be cool. I can elaborate if you guys like the idea.

3. DTG, you said Dodo Tales is boring, so maybe you can do a story where you come up with a new Ark that has new creatures. Because there are hundreds of Arks. And about the argument, just end it. Please. Both of you, just end the DTG vs. P. Metallica argument.

-Red Dragon, who is glad that 2020 is ending in a couple hours.

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