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Right then, things are about to get interesting in my stories, here are the locations of all the following stories after The Sea Of Despair, in each one I’ll write a sneak peek to the story in there.

The king of dragons (begins in wyvern, ends in manticore)

Underworld (ravager)

Bio horror (seeker)

The Sea Of Element (Rockwell)

Ghost city (begins in scout, followed by enforcer, then defence unit)

The Hidden Forest (begins in gacha, ends in forest Titan)

Blizzard (begins in snow out, followed by managarmr, then ice Titan)

Red Claws (begins in velonasaur, ends in desert Titan)

The king of shadows (king Titan)

Chronicles of fire

The hunter (Griffin)

Highest peak (deathworm)

Lowest depths (rock elemental)

Spirits of the past (begins in dire wolf, ends in dire bear)

White rock (deinonychus)

The Frozen King (rock elemental)

The depths of fear (rock drake)

The Crystal war (begins in Crystal wyvern, then tropeognathus, then Crystal wyvern queen.

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