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Urgent message to ALL fanfictioners.

A story in Compy section.. But it's not your ordinary story.

It's the Fanfiction Council.

I'll use everyone's favorite main character, give me thorough descriptions telling personality and looks. I'll be picking Seasnake since, well, most of you are humans and I like making The Bog because it retells my stories. Spoiler, humans can communicate with animals for Swamp Guy and P. Metallica. Anyone can add another character later on in the story, just not for the first 1-5 chapters. We'll all take turns making new chapters connected to the last one. The plot is a war against an army of haters. "Fanfiction Council" is the name.

Here's who will write the stories in order:

Seasnake(I suggested it :/)





P. Metallica

CL 1(If she/he wishes to join the fanfiction community bec she has a story in procoptodon)

Sorry, Swamp Guy, this was totally random.

(Fans can add their character picks as general or in the army or something)


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