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Sunnyfox, well I think for me, I have something else planned to happen in the Ultimus Timeline that will come out after Ultimus or possibly Journey. But after that, I’m not entirely sure. I may decide to retire as a writer and return to the life of a reader. I may continue writing a few more stories or many more. I don’t know, only time will tell.

Also, don’t worry about your stories not being Arky. Wildcard themselves have been far less Arky in their past than you ever have in your series (looking at the Steamboat Willie mod they released on the ASA mod page specifically) and they created Ark.

And for some fan fiction series’s, it’s always good to make creative steps away from the original to make it different and unique while keeping apart in some way to the original story you based it off of. Your story is one of them. Another example of fan fiction series that took several creative steps away from the original was TvM (Triangle versus Monkey). It started off as a humorous prediction video on YouTube to Godzilla Versus Kong, now it is its own universe with two series and the original series having three seasons with more to come (still on YouTube).

What I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t matter if you’re writing a story that is 100% sound to the Ark lore and could be a literal story in Ark or if it only has a few bits of relation to Ark (your story is somewhere in the middle like most stories.). What matters is that it’s a good story, does have relation to Ark and that you enjoy writing it. That’s what matters most for a fan fiction.

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