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Sorry PD for intruding on your conversation with Sunnyfox, I probably should’ve introduced myself before asking that. I’m a reader/writer from the Achatina section and have been around for over a year. Though, I didn’t know there were writers in the dyes until recently. I just came in here to put a suggestion towards Sunny’s newspaper. But I saw your discussion and got a bit too nosy for my own good and wanted to ask that hypothetical question.

Also, Thank you for answering my question. And I understand what you mean, Toho recently went through Roblox and having every game that has their Kaiju in it and handing cease and desists to the creators and then having them removed afterwards. I don’t play Roblox games myself but I’ve heard about this from the Godzilla community talking about it. So I get what you mean. I was just asking if you could and you gave me your answer and that’s all I wanted. Thank You for that!!😊

Also I see your writing a story in Haze. I’m just gonna give my farewell now and go and read that!!

Until Next Time!!


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