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The Son of Rockwell


On a gas giant, somewhere near Arat, ruins of the Genesis colony ship were sinking. A disfigured shape digs though the ruins. “Where is it?” Yells Rockwell “Oh why does my head hurt so much?” “{I can tell u why.}” Says a dark evil voice in Rockwell’s head “Wha-?” “{Please don’t mind me. I’m just the corruption in your mind}.” Rockwell looks up from the wreckage “Hang on your in my mind?” He says. “{Yes.}” the voice says “{I’ve been with you since you injected me into yourself.}” Rockwell starts to remember back an Aberration to when he injected that purple liquid in himself. He looks around to the innard cover wasteland “Disgusting.” Rockwell thinks “{Beautiful in my eyes.}” “Ugh why are here with me? And why did I not die?” Rockwell says. The voice replies “{That doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that we need that bipod.}” “Bipod? What bipod?” Rockwell fells his body move unnaturally. “Um whats going on?” He asks. Then he moves a piece of metal and underneath is a strange pod with purple liquid in it. “{Ha there it is. The bipod.}” says the voice. Rockwell feels uncomfortable as he looks at the strange pod. Then he remembers the colony ship, the blasted little robot, the beasts he made, the Ark and the human that kept on coming back. “If this can make animals-.” “{Yes?}” “Then can i make a ‘Son’?” “{Wait what?}”. This is not what the voice had in mind. “{But, what about get off this planet?}” “No” “{Fine if you what a son make one.}” Rockwell grinned. He was gained control to his body again. Then the voice said “{So when you make him what will he do?}

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