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Black Ghost

Ten (the last one)

The Black Ghost slashed a wound into her hind leg, deep enough that she couldn’t walk, immobilizing her completely. With another silent laugh, he lunged off of her and bounded over to Wonder and Gruff, where he met them head-on with violent teeth. First grabbing Gruff by the tail he whipped him around and dragged him, pulling him close enough so that he could close his jaws around the back of the coyote’s head. Tightening his jaws, he clenched down with unnatural strength and crushed his head in, causing a fountain of blood to spray away and splattering over his face.

Dropping the now-dead Gruff, he spun towards Wonder and smiled. Wonder had her ears back now as she shied away, slinking towards the tree line in hopes of fleeing and saving herself. But the Black Ghost had other plans.

He flickered like candle light, disappearing and then reappearing right beside her. Grabbing her by the scruff he flung her sideways, further into the clearing, before dashing over to her again. Standing over her, he reared up onto his hind legs and slammed his paws down onto her stomach. And again. And again. The ripping of flesh could be heard even from how far away Quiet was. Blood exploded upward and doused the monster’s underside but still he didn’t stop. Wonder let out screams, interrupted as she hacked up blood and vomited out what could have been something vital. Then all at once she fell still. Black Ghost stopped stomping on top of her and turned his head to look across at Quiet.

Isn’t it unfortunate, he mouthed with a shake of his head, slowly making his way towards her and tracking blood behind him, how easy all of this is? If it weren’t for your anger, I wouldn’t be here. Your pack could thrive… but you’d still be alone. Alone, miserable, and without anyone to truly communicate with you. Isn’t that a proper price to pay for all of this death?

No, Quiet managed to mouth around her hiccuping tears. You are a monster. I never should have spoken to you in the first place. You deserve death.

He smiled innocently at her, slowly lowering himself and putting his nose to hers. If only it were so simple. See, I am truly dead. I am a ghost. But I’ve been punished in such a way that I can’t help but punish others. Perhaps, once you die… you will be cursed to spend eternity with me. I am the only one who understands you.

Quiet shook her head, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment before taking a deep breath. I would never want to spend any more time with you. Not after what you’ve done.

Black Ghost shook his head, closing his pale white eyes. Very unfortunate, indeed. But remember something when you enter the gates of eternity which you believe to be nonexistent… remember that you’ve done this to yourself. And live with that guilt forever. For all eternity.

The Black Ghost’s head lashed out forward and Quiet allowed it. Teeth drilled into her face, and she screwed her eyes shut as pain engulfed her. And then she was washed away by the warm ocean waters of death.

- President Loki

(There, CL1, are you happy now?)

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