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Black Ghost


The Black Ghost prowled closer, his breathing heavy and dangerous. Despite the way that he was obviously in hunting mode, he was smiling. Smiling, and smiling, and smiling, as if he had all of the joy in the world behind him. But if this truly was the Black Ghost, all of the stories said that he was lonely and sad.

This wolf did not look sad.

Poor Quiet, he mouthed as he prowled closer. Wonder, Soft, Quiet, and Gruff pressed their rumps together, forming a semicircle of teeth that would hopefully keep him at bay. But none of his footsteps faltered; he just continued on forward, shoulders rolling underneath his thick fur which appeared impenetrable. You just could not warn your pack of the danger. But you see, the real danger all along has been you.

Hopping forward, he bore down upon them and grabbed Soft by the snout, yanking her away from her pack mates. Gruff and Wonder let out shouts and yelps, jumping after their pack mate, but the Black Ghost kicked one mighty hind leg out and knocked them both away with a single blow. He retreated a few steps, holding Soft by the mouth and clenching her jaws shut so that she couldn’t even cry out in pain.

Dropping Quiet’s aunt, he stomped a paw down on her chest and smiled. See, all of your anger towards your pack mates drew me here. Your frustration and your rage… it just fed me. And it fed THIS. He shifted all of his weight onto the paw that was on Soft’s chest. His dark leg shot through as her skin and flesh gave way with a sickening crunch, allowing his paw to drive itself through her torso. She could barely let out a scream before Black Ghost’s claws inevitably crushed her lungs and silenced her forever.

Slowly he pulled his paw out, letting the blood glisten and slowly slide off of his pelt. With a quick motion he used both of his front paws to tear her ribcage in half, separating her down the middle before flinging her to the side.

I was only helping, he continued, crawling closer yet again. Gruff and Wonder began snarling, their lips curled up to show their teeth. “We won’t be chased out of our home,” Wonder said, voice shaking. It was clear that all three of them were terrified, and that only fed into the Black Ghost’s prey drive.

He paused, drawing up his head and hacking out a hoarse, almost soundless laugh. You think that I can’t smell your fear? Oh, you fools. Truly, your worry makes it all the more delicious. He hopped forward another step, dancing around them with his tail held high. He was enjoying this.

Quiet twisted her head around to look over her shoulder but before she could, teeth seized her tail and yanked her back. She wanted to scream but couldn’t. She wanted to escape but couldn’t. Tears welled up in her eyes as she let out a silent cry for help, while Gruff and Wonder spun around and tried chasing after her. The Black Ghost dragged her around the clearing before dropping her beside a tree, planting one huge paw on her tail and holding her there. But please know, little Quiet, he mouthed down at her with the coldest of grins, That I’ll be sure to save you for last. After all, it’s your rage that got us to this point. Truthfully I ask you… doesn’t rage control all of us?

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