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Waning Unity

Chapter Twenty-nine

Fraser usually had a decent idea as to what was a danger and what wasn’t. His perception was often quite accurate, all throughout his life.

He was pretty sure that fang-lined mouths ripping into visibility from inside of Lume’s throat was a danger.

Lume’s head sagged to one side or the other, unable to hold her neck up any longer. A continuous, gargling snarl was wobbling out from inside of her, carrying out of each mouth that pierced its way through her pale red fur. Her pale eyes were glossed over, crackling with rage and bloodthirst as she stood on shaky feet, lips drawn back in a shivering snarl.

“Now would be a super good time for your idiot brain to work, Fraser,” Boa snapped as she appeared at his side, fur bristling all over as she stared up at Lume, who had grown considerably since they had first come into contact with her.

“I like that idea,” Harrier’s fear-laced voice attested from behind them. “A lot. Fraser, be smart. She’s your freaky monster wolf.”

Fraser opened and closed his mouth for a long moment, unable to keep his gaze anywhere but Lume’s contorted face. He was incessantly filing through his own mind, thoughts running crazed circles as he strained for any form of idea as to what to do. He had been determined to stay with Lume, prove that he cared for her, yes. But that was before she had several new mouths and had effortlessly dismembered Fawn in front of them. “I… got nothing.”

Milkweed sidestepped and pressed herself into Fraser’s side, her fur brushing comfortingly against his as she tried to ground herself. “Think,” she urged in a soft whisper, skin shivering underneath her pelt. “You’ve got to have something.”

Fraser worked his jaw, heart pounding within his ribcage as he struggled to calm his mind enough to use it. As if growing tired of their delay Lume lunged forward, jaw unhinging as she sped toward the gathered wolves, struggling to keep her head at the correct angle to catch one of them. Immediately Boa and Harrier lunged sideways and away from her gnashing teeth, Mushroom peeling off the other direction. Milkweed began to move but then caught that Fraser was still rooted in his place, whipping around and seizing his scruff to drag him out of the way as well before Lume slammed down where he had been, paws thundering in the sand.

Fraser tumbled sideways across the ground, sand flinging into his eyes. He jumped back to his feet quickly, shaking his head and spitting sand from off of his tongue as he regained his footing. Lume didn’t give them more than a moment to recompose themselves before she lunged again, teeth gnashing as she lurched forward and snapped at any of them who looked within reach.

“Fraser!” Boa shouted as she dodged away from the mighty wolf’s paws and teeth, legs carrying her swiftly. “I’m not kidding anymore! Now would be a great time for you to use your brain!”

Breath caught in Fraser’s throat as his paws once more seemed to solidify to the ground, legs stiff and unmoving even when Lume thundered closer in pursuit of his pack mates. Nothing in his head would line up, no plans would formulate, even as he racked his brain furiously for even the faintest scrap of an idea.

For once in his life, Fraser had no idea on how to cheat death of a savory and bloody victory.

(This chapter was way too much work)

- President Loki

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