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To get the artafact of the shadows bring 2 flippers 2 Lazarus chowder , 3 battle tartar, 5 medical brews, 1 harpoon with 10 bolts and some primitive flak armour plus a long neck rifle or pistol to deal with seekers I did this with 270 health and 107% movement speed dont forget climing picks bring at least 1 or you can use ziplines. When you get into the cave at the crystalline swamps you will want to look from above and see this hole in Lake floor go into it with rock drake for a while then startheading up. Dismount put on some big repellant kill the scorpions with a compound bow or something then you will get to a water fall jump into the water where the water falls heading go the direction you just jumped from and use your climbing picks to go up into this tunnel head towards the tunnel entill you see a pool and a tek structure( tek structures mean

Your going the right way to he artafact) eat the battle tartar and Lazarus chowder make sure to have food , water and healing brews because he battle tartar does slowly take life from you. It will greatly increase your movement speed so you can run past all the anglers , eels and lampreys. Important dont get leached by a lamp Rey or elseyou will get charged and seekers will became a huge problem run past everything but the sarcos and barys thats when your harpoon comes in dont forget to retrieve your bolts. Keep going in the underwater tunnel entill you get to somemland the keep going and you will find another tunnel go that way if your see tek structure then your going the right way when you get out of the last tunnel you will see a path going uphill follow it kill the seekers then your at the artafact take the same way back and dont forget to heal yourself and retake the stews befor going back. Was I helpful even with my bad grammer?

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